Huffington Post and SEO

Just a quick post with some info about search engine optimization. Kind of a tongue-in-cheek approach but worth reading.

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Wes Lindamood and NPR’s Project Argo

“It is our pleasure to serve you,” at least that’s what the New York deli coffee cup said in NPR Web developer Wes Lindamood’s presentation to our Jour 352 class on Monday in Knight Hall.

This is a screen grab of the Ecotrope blog by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

But the NPR member station blog network isn’t serving up a steaming cuppa joe, it’s serving up locally sourced insight in topics that affect people around the country. From Boston’s CommonHealth to San Francisco’s MindShift, Project Argo has you covered with daily information that helps readers live their lives.  Continue reading

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Class assignments for Feb. 8 – Feb. 14

Long Tail – We talked about the idea of a “long tail” and how important it is for news organzitions who put a lot of effort into stories, archives, graphics presentations, et. al. to produce material with a long shelf life. Find a mainstream media site (it can be a regional newspaper like the Post or Sun, or a national newspaper like USA Today, The New York Times or Wall St. Journal, or a major network news or cable television station) that has enough people-power to produce a significant piece. Continue reading

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Meet The Magnificent Mr. Magno

Benny Magno sees Hollywood in his future.

Dreams of Disney paychecks dance his head at night.
Sure he’s 20, but journalism major Benny Magno feels he’s ripe enough to be the next break out star in the House of Mouse.

“Yes I want to be a celebrity,” Magno said.
He came close to his dream but school have him a rude awakening.
“I had a chance to have a role in the Last Airbender but I had an exam on the day of the audition,” Magno said.
He now regrets that decision because he later discovered that he could take a make-up exam.

But he bounced back with a commercial that aired on CNN and several broadcast networks. In case you missed it, check it out here. You can catch Magno laughing at the
50- second mark.

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Danielle Lama: Life on the Go

Danielle Lama

Danielle Lama loves to travel and hopes her journalism career really takes her places.

Danielle Lama is going places.

The 21-year-old senior broadcast journalism major has come a long way in her four years at University of Maryland, College Park. First, Lama came over 300 miles from her hometown of Ithaca, New York her freshman year to begin her journey at school. Even though she’s almost six hours away from home, Lama says she stays close with her family, including her three sisters, two nieces and nephew.

The summer after her freshman year, she was on the move once again, but this time to study abroad in Greece. Lama’s love of travel took her again overseas to explore her heritage while studying abroad the spring semester of her junior year in Rome, her grandparent’s homeland. She says she is not opposed to spending more time in Europe and would consider job options outside of the United States that would allow her to travel even more.

Lama has incorporated her get up and go lifestyle into her schoolwork and career, as well. While studying at University of Maryland, she has held an internship with TBD’s Let’s Talk Live and has worked with CNS, the University’s live, nightly, student-run newscast. Lama says her experience at Let’s Talk Live was exciting since she got to witness Newschannel 8 switching over to TBD. She also enjoyed her experience with CNS, which is something she feels is contrary to most student’s feelings.

Currently, Lama is interning with WBFF FOX45 in Baltimore twice a week. She will be spending one day in the field reporting and one day working in the newsroom at the assignment desk. She is excited for the days she will get to spend reporting, which is something she says makes journalism unique. “I think it’s cool that you go into work not knowing what you’re going to be doing that day,” says Lama. “It’s exciting and you’re not sitting behind a desk like most of the other people in America.”

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Dan Friedell: From Sports Journalism to Teaching

The night before Dan Friedell’s first day of teaching a class solo, he intended to have a nice relaxing evening to prepare.

His washing machine had other plans.

“The front door of my place was broken down and the whole place was soaked,” Friedell said. “…[T]he place was a disaster, and it was not the night that I wanted before this [first day of class]”

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Get to Know Emily Winemiller

Emily Winemiller was born to be a Terp. Her parents went to the University of Maryland as well as her older brother and sister. She originally thought she wanted to rebel against her family tradition but is now singing a different tune, “I ended up here and loved it, it’s the best decision I’ve made,” said Winemiller.

Winemiller entered the journalism school following her passion for writing and telling stories, but now thinks her career path has shifted from broadcast into a new direction. When I asked about her plans after graduation she declared, “that’s the million dollar question” and said she’s not exactly positive what she wants to do anymore but has a few ideas. “I really like the multi-media options,” said Winemiller, as well as public relations and head hunting.

Outside of school, Emily enjoys participating in Greek life, working out and spending time with her friends and family. She makes the hour and a half drive to Carroll County from College Park about every two weeks to visit home. “I don’t know if I could make the move out of the state,” said Winemiller about post-graduation plans, noting that Baltimore would be a great city environment that’s still close to home.

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Evelyn Royer – A Non-Traditional Student

A 23 year-old former aspiring architect and already a full-time journalist, Evelyn Royer has experience beyond many of her peers at the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism.

Royer, a transfer student and undergraduate from Montgomery College and Gaithersburg, Md. native, balances her job as an assistant editor at Building Products in Washington with night classes to avoid taking on debt, and has succeeded thus far.

In fact this is why she transferred to the University of Maryland over the District’s more expensive Catholic University.  “I’d have to saw off my arm and promise my first-born son to somebody if I wanted to go [to Catholic University],” Royer joked.

Royer also considered this private university because she originally wanted to become an architect.  She worked as a technical drafter at a landscape architectural firm for four years, but disliked the lack of creative freedom and administrative tasks in her everyday projects.  “[As an architect], you have to design what the client wants.”

Royer channels favorite aspects of her former drafting position – writing – into a new career path in journalism and position in at Building Products that balances the publication’s needs while giving Royer some creativity and time to pursue an in-depth story.

Royer’s non-traditional nature goes beyond her classroom and career pursuits – she was an instructor at Evolve Academy of Martial Arts for about 3 years and participated in grappling events such as this one in 2007.

Trade publications such as her employer’s appeal to such a specific group that Royer does not worry about her future prospects in this niche industry.

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Devin Miller: North East of Where?

Devin Miller, student at the University of Maryland

Devin Miller is from North East.  You ask, “North East of  where?” Miller says she gets that a lot.  In actuality, she  is from North East, a town in Cecil County, Maryland.  Miller  is a junior studying broadcast journalism at the University of  Maryland, College Park.

Miller is preparing herself for a career in journalism by getting as much experience as she can during her undergraduate years.  Aside from the skills she is learning in the classroom, Miller is also working as a communications intern for the College Park Scholars program at the University.  To hone her writing skills she has been writing for an online magazine. “We didn’t have a newspaper or TV station or anything [in high school],” she said. “I actually started writing for an online magazine for girls.”

The news clips Miller has gotten have been very helpful in building a portfolio, but the stories she has written has given her the most experience.  She recently wrote a story on social media and how it impacts dating.  “I got to interview to relationship experts so that was pretty interesting.  I got to hear their perspective on how social media has effected how we make relationships,” Miller said.

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A Take on Tolleah Price

Tolleah Price is not your average journalism student. Although she may appear to be like most students in the class, her maturity and experience levels probably exceed most expectations. She likes to joke calling herself the “world’s oldest intern,” and laughs at the fact she was older than her previous boss. She has worked for or written for news networks like Fox and CBS.

Currently working at FOX5 news, Price “wrote thousands of stories or what felt like thousands of stories for our 5 hour morning news cast 5 and a half now.”

Most of her work has been behind the scenes working as a writer and fill-in producer. She writes “most of the stories that you see the anchors read on the weekends.” But Price is also currently working toward a Master’s degree at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. And as much as she enjoys her job, Continue reading

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