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Huffington Post and SEO

Just a quick post with some info about search engine optimization. Kind of a tongue-in-cheek approach but worth reading.

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Wes Lindamood and NPR’s Project Argo

“It is our pleasure to serve you,” at least that’s what the New York deli coffee cup said in NPR Web developer Wes Lindamood’s presentation to our Jour 352 class on Monday in Knight Hall. But the NPR member station … Continue reading

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Class assignments for Feb. 8 – Feb. 14

Long Tail – We talked about the idea of a “long tail” and how important it is for news organzitions who put a lot of effort into stories, archives, graphics presentations, et. al. to produce material with a long shelf … Continue reading

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Katelin Wangberg has Minnesota roots but homes around the world

Some people have misconceptions about life in Northern Minnesota. “We don’t all eat lutefisk and talk like ‘oh yah, sure, you betcha,’ says Katelin Wangberg, 25, a Master of Arts candidate in the broadcast journalism department at the University of … Continue reading

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Interview your classmate assignment

A 300-word blog post due before class (7 p.m.) on Jan. 31 on the class blog about the classmate you interviewed on Jan. 24. Please include a direct quote and a link to at least two things about your classmate. … Continue reading

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Twitter assignment

Set up a Twitter account if you have not already. A site like TweetDeck has a download that may come in handy for this and other exercises. Please take a minute to read Darren Rovell’s article about Twitter. Your assignment, … Continue reading

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Welcome class

I’m glad to have you for this semester of the Journalism 352 section 401 at the University of Maryland. This will be your home for the year (along with your own site you will set up on WordPress). We’ll have … Continue reading

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A noteworthy change

I’m sure you all have an AP Style Guide. It’s the one book required for this course and points will be deducted on all written assignments for style errors. However, this recent change was a milestone. I can’t count the … Continue reading

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