Multimedia feature story assignment

Due: May 9 (per syllabus posted on the site since Jan.)
Value: 20 percent of grade

Detailed information:

Multimedia feature package due at the start of class. This must include an originally reported text story of 500 to 700 words (or a video package of equivalent length and depth), at least one photo (either shot by you or acquired by you), a well-written photo caption, a headline and at least two related links.

In addition, one complementary multimedia element is required: It could be an audio clip you’ve collected, edited and posted; a table of information you’ve compiled and linked to; a Google map you’ve created and linked to; or a photo gallery you’ve built. (These are just examples. If you have any questions about what qualifies as a complementary element, please see me. Grad students have their own instructions.)

This will be created in Dreamweaver and uploaded to the campus server.

Here are two stories created by Chris Harvey’s classes in the past:

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I'm a sports writer, editor, adjunct professor, mystery book lover, Cleveland native and a softball player. More about me can be found at
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