CSS-ful Resumes

For this next assignment, we’ll take the CSS resume template you downloaded in class and refine it with your own career information and add your own style.
You’re either using the template with a linked stylesheet or an embedded stylesheet.

A CSS resume template from css-tricks.com

By the time we arrive in class on Monday, please be prepared to upload the customized version of your resume to your personal hosting.

For the resumes with the linked stylesheet, you’ll need to modify the CSS by opening the .css file in Dreamweaver and tinkering with it there. Be sure to have this page available to upload in class, too.

We’ll then create custom menus in WordPress which will allow you to include an off-site link within a menu.

Also, you’ll need to create a new page or post in WordPress that shows off some of your work samples. You will link from your resume to this page. You should also be linking to the pages of the places for which you’ve done work, but you don’t need to do more than provide a link at the bottom of your resume to your “Work Samples” page.

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