Print vs. Online story comparison

Washington Post Oscar story

Washington Post Oscar story, Story taken from Page A-1 on Feb. 27, 2011.

One item we have discussed in class so far this semester is how publications that have traditionally used print to get the news or stories out to the public have transitioned to the Web.

For this blog post, you will find the hard copy of a story and compare it with what shows up on the Web that’s related to that story. Is it straight “shovelware,” (a word-for-word version of the story from print) or is it something more creative. Are there complementary elements that go along with the story that are promoted in the publication’s hard copy? What are they and how are the executed online? How are the promoted on the page? When you find the story online, are keywords linked in the text? Where do they go?

In your post, be sure to give me a recap of your story plus a screenshot of the story page. If your publication used something like a “value added block” to show the related links, let me know.

Either take a photo of the print version of the story and include it in your blog post (as I have done above) or bring a copy of it into class and turn it in on Monday, March 7 at 7 p.m. Please post this assignment to your blog by noon on Monday, March 7 (and tweet it to kni2103) and comment on one of your classmate’s posts by the time class begins.

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