Media diary assignment

The next assignment has three elements. All three elements are not due until Feb. 28, but you must post the first element – your media diary – to your own blog and tweet it to the class blog by Noon Sunday, Feb. 27. This will give your classmates an entire day to read your blog post and write a thorough comment. (“Hey, nice post” is not sufficient.) You must comment on the two classmate’s blogs you signed up for.

Track your online media consumption for five days (you don’t have to include every little thing you read, but let’s say 3 or 4 items per day). How did you get to the stories you read or watched or listened to? Make a note of it. How did you consume most of your material, was it audio, video, text, YouTube, etc. Take screenshots when you have the time. Link to the stories you read in your post (you don’t have to link to everything you read, but at least one hyperlink per day). Since your are tracking your behavior for five days, please include 3 screenshots over that time. Please break up your post with a subhead for each day. It would be smart to include anchor tags for each one of those days so your reader can navigate your post by day.

A screenshot of RSS feed window.

By the end of it, you should have been able to make a determination about how you got your news. Is it a link on Twitter that works best for you? A google alert? An RSS feed? A refer from a print version of a publication? A refer to a website when you’re watching TV? Someone you know making a post on Facebook? Be a critical consumer!

You have almost two weeks to do this assignment so I expect professional work. Please do not leave this to the last minute. As you’re consuming media, use a notebook or send emails to yourself to keep track of what you’re reading/viewing. Even use something like delicious to bookmark pages. The tools at your disposal can help you stay organized.

Since we’re doing five days, let’s say 100 words per day, at least. Please wrap up your post with a conclusion.

Here is the signup information – whose blog to comment on: (comment on the people’s blogs whose names are listed after yours, so Danielle is commenting on Evelyn and Emily’s blogs)

Danielle – Evelyn/Emily

Benny – Evelyn/Danielle

Devin – Danielle/Benny

Kirby – Emily/Nicole

Evelyn – Tolleah/Katelin

Emily – Tolleah/Benny

Tolleah – Nicole/Kirby

Nicole – Katelin/Devin

Katelin – Devin/Kirby

Any questions, let me know. If you would like to post after three days and send me the link, I would be happy to let you know whether you’re on the right track.

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