Class assignments for Feb. 8 – Feb. 14

Long Tail – We talked about the idea of a “long tail” and how important it is for news organzitions who put a lot of effort into stories, archives, graphics presentations, et. al. to produce material with a long shelf life. Find a mainstream media site (it can be a regional newspaper like the Post or Sun, or a national newspaper like USA Today, The New York Times or Wall St. Journal, or a major network news or cable television station) that has enough people-power to produce a significant piece.

You must use the “print screen” function of your computer to take a screen shot of the “landing page” of the presentation and at least one other screen that helps to illustrate your post. Include these screenshots in your post. Make them large enough so that the reader should get your point without having to click to the full-sized version.

Practice good Web writing skills — use search-friendly headlines and sub-heads, label your screen shots and include links to the story pages you’re referencing in your post.

A 350-word post is due ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL BLOG before the start of class on Monday, Feb. 14. This post will be graded on a 5-point scale and consideration will be given to the cleanliness of presentation, ease of reading, accuracy of links and AP style. I will return these posts to you with comments next week. You will not be able to get greater than a 3 on the 5-point scale if the assignment is late.

Wes Lindamood class visit:

By Wednesday at noon (Feb. 9), post a comment to THE CLASS BLOG in a post I will set-up, at least three paragraphs with any related links, that explains the intent of’s Project Argo, how WordPress was integrated into the sites and a short summary of one of the Project Argo sites with a link to that site. I will assign each of you a site so that there is no overlap.

Prepping your personal blog:

By the time class begins on Feb. 14, you should have done the following:

  1. Create an ABOUT page on your site. This should be 2 paragraphs written in first person or third person describing who you are and your intentions for your site. You may link in the text to the profile written about you by your classmate last week.
  2. Create a RESUME page on your site. Please use a text file of your resume, meaning if you have your resume in Microsoft Word, save the document as plain text, open the document in a text editor, and then copy and paste the text to your site as a new PAGE. We will work in class the next week to beautify this text using WordPress’ CMS and HTML tags.

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