Meet The Magnificent Mr. Magno

Benny Magno sees Hollywood in his future.

Dreams of Disney paychecks dance his head at night.
Sure he’s 20, but journalism major Benny Magno feels he’s ripe enough to be the next break out star in the House of Mouse.

“Yes I want to be a celebrity,” Magno said.
He came close to his dream but school have him a rude awakening.
“I had a chance to have a role in the Last Airbender but I had an exam on the day of the audition,” Magno said.
He now regrets that decision because he later discovered that he could take a make-up exam.

But he bounced back with a commercial that aired on CNN and several broadcast networks. In case you missed it, check it out here. You can catch Magno laughing at the
50- second mark.

He didn’t know what the commercial was about until friends and family told him he mocked America’s growing debt to China.
It still didn’t bother him though, “I got paid, and that’s all that matters.”
But he doesn’t pick up a paycheck for “Loose Lips.”
It’s a show he co-hosts on Monday afternoons.
He throws in a little music but the show mainly dishes up celebrity dirt and gossip and that’s Magno’s back up plan to Disney.
“I’d like to be a host on a show like E! or Entertainment Tonight”, Magno said.
But if Disney or E! don’t come calling, he has a back-up plan for his back-up plan and it’s your eyes.
“The industry’s shaky, you never know plus my parents wanted me to have stability so I’m a pre-optometry minor,” Magno said.
He’s adamant optometry is just a back-up plan and he sees a long Hollywood career in his future.
But if the guy from Montgomery Village, MD with visions of Disney dancing his head, doesn’t make it to Hollywood you can probably find him on the map below.

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