Kirby Mills sees the game from two perspectives

Kirby Mills, who says he is one of six people from Delaware that attend the University of Maryland, has the unique experience of being a part of the inner-workings of a college football team. As a member of the video department for Terps football, Mills films every practice and every game, home and away. “I spend way too many hours there and I get paid way too little,” Mills joked.

Mills is also responsible for creating a motivational highlight tape that the team watches the night before the big game. “It’s pretty cool that I have some sort of effect on the team and the mindset of the team,” Mills said. The video is the last thing the Terps watch before going to bed.

Last summer, Mills interned for the Baltimore Sun’s multimedia department. Working with audio, video, and new media for the newspaper, Mills was “treated like a real news reporter,” going out into the field by himself and covering his own stories.

When it comes to sports, Mills has seen both the internal and external sides of the business. Reporting has shown him what it means to be the outsider looking in, while working for the Terps has taught him how a football office operates. “I could see myself going both ways,” he said. “It seems like every day I kind of flip flop on what I want to do just depending on my mood.”

With all of his experience in sports and journalism, Mills still does not know what he would consider the perfect career. “I’m going to go wherever the wind takes me,” Mills said. “My dream job is to be retired and not have to work.”

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