Katelin Wangberg has Minnesota roots but homes around the world

Some people have misconceptions about life in Northern Minnesota.

“We don’t all eat lutefisk and talk like ‘oh yah, sure, you betcha,’ says Katelin Wangberg, 25, a Master of Arts candidate in the broadcast journalism department at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

But that doesn’t mean she puts in earplugs every time Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” begins on NPR.
Audio: “A Prairie Home Companion”

“I do indeed (listen),” she says. “And I laugh, because I’ll be honest, there are some similarities (to where I’m from), though it is exaggerated.”

But Wangberg didn’t make it to College Park straight from Bemidji, Minn., the place she now calls home.

“I was born in Fargo, lived in Minnesota, then my elementary school was in Maui, Hawaii,” she says listing that places she’s lived, which also include Iowa, where she went to college and China, where she taught for two years.

Inspired by her college advisor, she decided to go to China “on a whim,” and she ended up teaching for two years.

“It was tough to say I was leaving. China became my second home,” she says. “I’d heard that after a year, you feel at home, and it’s true. I have a second home in China. It was the first place I lived on my own. I was very welcome. Their hospitality is huge.”

Even if Wangberg hadn’t traveled around the world, she thinks it’s possible to be a part of the global community wherever one may live.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, where you live,” she says. “If you have access to the Web, you’re likely to have access to as much information as most people.”

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