Evelyn Royer – A Non-Traditional Student

A 23 year-old former aspiring architect and already a full-time journalist, Evelyn Royer has experience beyond many of her peers at the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism.

Royer, a transfer student and undergraduate from Montgomery College and Gaithersburg, Md. native, balances her job as an assistant editor at Building Products in Washington with night classes to avoid taking on debt, and has succeeded thus far.

In fact this is why she transferred to the University of Maryland over the District’s more expensive Catholic University.  “I’d have to saw off my arm and promise my first-born son to somebody if I wanted to go [to Catholic University],” Royer joked.

Royer also considered this private university because she originally wanted to become an architect.  She worked as a technical drafter at a landscape architectural firm for four years, but disliked the lack of creative freedom and administrative tasks in her everyday projects.  “[As an architect], you have to design what the client wants.”

Royer channels favorite aspects of her former drafting position – writing – into a new career path in journalism and position in at Building Products that balances the publication’s needs while giving Royer some creativity and time to pursue an in-depth story.

Royer’s non-traditional nature goes beyond her classroom and career pursuits – she was an instructor at Evolve Academy of Martial Arts for about 3 years and participated in grappling events such as this one in 2007.

Trade publications such as her employer’s appeal to such a specific group that Royer does not worry about her future prospects in this niche industry.

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