Get to Know Emily Winemiller

Emily Winemiller was born to be a Terp. Her parents went to the University of Maryland as well as her older brother and sister. She originally thought she wanted to rebel against her family tradition but is now singing a different tune, “I ended up here and loved it, it’s the best decision I’ve made,” said Winemiller.

Winemiller entered the journalism school following her passion for writing and telling stories, but now thinks her career path has shifted from broadcast into a new direction. When I asked about her plans after graduation she declared, “that’s the million dollar question” and said she’s not exactly positive what she wants to do anymore but has a few ideas. “I really like the multi-media options,” said Winemiller, as well as public relations and head hunting.

Outside of school, Emily enjoys participating in Greek life, working out and spending time with her friends and family. She makes the hour and a half drive to Carroll County from College Park about every two weeks to visit home. “I don’t know if I could make the move out of the state,” said Winemiller about post-graduation plans, noting that Baltimore would be a great city environment that’s still close to home.

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