Devin Miller: North East of Where?

Devin Miller, student at the University of Maryland

Devin Miller is from North East.  You ask, “North East of  where?” Miller says she gets that a lot.  In actuality, she  is from North East, a town in Cecil County, Maryland.  Miller  is a junior studying broadcast journalism at the University of  Maryland, College Park.

Miller is preparing herself for a career in journalism by getting as much experience as she can during her undergraduate years.  Aside from the skills she is learning in the classroom, Miller is also working as a communications intern for the College Park Scholars program at the University.  To hone her writing skills she has been writing for an online magazine. “We didn’t have a newspaper or TV station or anything [in high school],” she said. “I actually started writing for an online magazine for girls.”

The news clips Miller has gotten have been very helpful in building a portfolio, but the stories she has written has given her the most experience.  She recently wrote a story on social media and how it impacts dating.  “I got to interview to relationship experts so that was pretty interesting.  I got to hear their perspective on how social media has effected how we make relationships,” Miller said.

Miller also gained journalistic experience this past summer interning at WDEL, a news talk radio station in northern Delaware.  She covered news stories around the city of Wilmington.  Stories included opening ceremonies at a casino, ground breakings for construction sites, and other multimedia-friendly news items.

Not knowing what she wanted to pursue in college three years ago when she applied, Miller chose journalism because she could not see herself majoring in anything else.  She lookedthrough the list that the University had to offer and could not find anything else that suited her interests.

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