Danielle Lama: Life on the Go

Danielle Lama

Danielle Lama loves to travel and hopes her journalism career really takes her places.

Danielle Lama is going places.

The 21-year-old senior broadcast journalism major has come a long way in her four years at University of Maryland, College Park. First, Lama came over 300 miles from her hometown of Ithaca, New York her freshman year to begin her journey at school. Even though she’s almost six hours away from home, Lama says she stays close with her family, including her three sisters, two nieces and nephew.

The summer after her freshman year, she was on the move once again, but this time to study abroad in Greece. Lama’s love of travel took her again overseas to explore her heritage while studying abroad the spring semester of her junior year in Rome, her grandparent’s homeland. She says she is not opposed to spending more time in Europe and would consider job options outside of the United States that would allow her to travel even more.

Lama has incorporated her get up and go lifestyle into her schoolwork and career, as well. While studying at University of Maryland, she has held an internship with TBD’s Let’s Talk Live and has worked with CNS, the University’s live, nightly, student-run newscast. Lama says her experience at Let’s Talk Live was exciting since she got to witness Newschannel 8 switching over to TBD. She also enjoyed her experience with CNS, which is something she feels is contrary to most student’s feelings.

Currently, Lama is interning with WBFF FOX45 in Baltimore twice a week. She will be spending one day in the field reporting and one day working in the newsroom at the assignment desk. She is excited for the days she will get to spend reporting, which is something she says makes journalism unique. “I think it’s cool that you go into work not knowing what you’re going to be doing that day,” says Lama. “It’s exciting and you’re not sitting behind a desk like most of the other people in America.”

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