A Take on Tolleah Price

Tolleah Price is not your average journalism student. Although she may appear to be like most students in the class, her maturity and experience levels probably exceed most expectations. She likes to joke calling herself the “world’s oldest intern,” and laughs at the fact she was older than her previous boss. She has worked for or written for news networks like Fox and CBS.

Currently working at FOX5 news, Price “wrote thousands of stories or what felt like thousands of stories for our 5 hour morning news cast 5 and a half now.”

Most of her work has been behind the scenes working as a writer and fill-in producer. She writes “most of the stories that you see the anchors read on the weekends.” But Price is also currently working toward a Master’s degree at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. And as much as she enjoys her job, FOX5 has taken the back seat so she can devote more time to her academics.

“This semester I’ll only be able to work maybe a few Saturdays a month, one to two. School is just too, too much right now,” said Price.

However, Price hopes that her effort and patience will pay off. She is aiming to move up in the news market working as a web producer or a segment producer for a morning news show.

“Well the Today show is my number one choice, that’s everyone’s number one choice, but Good Morning America, the Early Show, that type of stuff,” said Price.

While waiting to realize her dream, this Michigan-raised woman likes to spend her free time watching television. Reality-shows excluded.

“I like the Discovery Channel, I love the BBC, the independent film channel and pretty much any news channel,” Price said.

About bmagno12

I am a Junior Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Maryland.
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