Dan Friedell: From Sports Journalism to Teaching

The night before Dan Friedell’s first day of teaching a class solo, he intended to have a nice relaxing evening to prepare.

His washing machine had other plans.

“The front door of my place was broken down and the whole place was soaked,” Friedell said. “…[T]he place was a disaster, and it was not the night that I wanted before this [first day of class]”

Friedell is currently working as a freelance writer and editor based in Washington, D.C. as well as instructor of Online Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park.

While his washing machine setback may have given him a rocky start to his solo teaching career, his experience in sports journalism has prepared him for just about anything his class can throw at him.

From Beijing to Vancouver, Friedell has traveled the globe reporting, recently for USA Today, and his 10 plus years of experience occurred right as journalism was taking to the web.

“The time period that I’ve been working, lets say from the late 90s onward, has really been the time period of journalism moving online,” Friedell said. “I’ve seen the natal stages of journalism for the web and I’ve seen the progress and I’ve seen some really great things that have been done online.”

Though Friedell was initially apprehensive about his first day of teaching solo, he anticipates not only teaching a class, but learning from the experience.

“I’m sure they will be a lot of things that I learn from doing this class,” Friedell said. “And it’s probably a good thing that I have the class on Thursday as well so that I can experiment with you guys on Monday.”

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