Tweeting the State of the Union

I followed @YahooNews and @zackroth, a contributor to Yahoo News. @YahooNews tweets about leading news stories of the day, which is linked to

@YahooNews posted a few tweets about the State of the Union Address during before, during, and after the speech. They seemed to follow in the footsteps of other news sites’ twitter feeds by tweeting where the transcript of the full speech could be found and how they would be covering the speech.

Together, their coverage of the speech took place on their yahoo website by using a live blog. This was very similar to twitter in that the comments were like tweets, short and updated frequently. They most likely chose to cover it this way so that they could add a live video feed of the speech on the same page, a feature that is lacking on twitter. I found this feature to be very convenient because I could watch and listen without having my eyes jump back and forth from T.V. to computer.

@YahooNews linked their tweets to #SOTU that lead to tweets and conversations dealing with the event. Their coverage on the live blog included references to outside news articles and YouTube clips, which helped readers further connect to the speech. At 9:14 p.m. one post read “YahooNews: Opening on the Arizona shooting, and echoing his speech in Tucson by calling America to be ‘one people,’” where the italicized portion linked to a news article about Obama’s eulogy in Tucson.

Several other posts were about the audience’s reaction to certain portions of the president’s speech. I felt that posts such as “YahooNews: Standing ovation for the troops,” helped those who weren’t watching get a sense of the atmosphere in the room.

Overall the coverage was concise, humorous, and inquisitive, which further sparked a heavy discussion. I felt that listening and seeing them post memorable quotes such as “”The rules have been changed,” and “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” and “We do big things,” helped me connect to other readers and listeners.


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I am a Junior Broadcast Journalism major at the University of Maryland.
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