Tweets during the SOTU

@AndyBarr34 Think he’s impatient or bored? RT @CapehartJ: Why does Speaker Boehner look like he’s late for a tee time?

Politico reporter Andy Barr did a good job posting creative tweets during the State of the Union Address. Unlike many of the media sites that I also follow (Washington Post, CNN and BBC), Barr didn’t just reiterate Obama’s quotes, he used the reactions on Twitter to gauge good questions for his followers. I’m assuming many other media outlets were just trying to play it safe and remain in the lines of balanced journalism, but used Twitter’s features to tweet more original content.

Barr didn’t say himself, “Why does Speaker Boehner look like he’s late for a tee time” (which would have been a bit unprofessional), he let someone else make the comment, which set him up for the question, “Think he’s impatient or bored?” Also, Barr didn’t overwhelm his followers with tweets during the speech. Many reporters were seeking to get out as many posts as possible and as quickly as possible, a bit redundant since viewers could watch the speech live.

I would also like to point out that Steny Hoyer’s Twitter was hacked into during the speech. @LeaderHoyer (posted on his official website), tweeted inappropriately throughout the address. Media sites weren’t the only ones tweeting during the speech!


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