Tweeting behind the scenes

The State of the Union is covered my numerous news organizations and with them “tweeters,” or people using twitter, that update their followers with short brief bits of information.  As I was watching CNN’s coverage of the State of the Union, I decided to follow a CNN reporters tweets.  I was curious if their tweeting would be connected in any way to the television coverage I was watching.

While ultimately this wasn’t true, following CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash’s tweets (@DanaBashCNN) gave me look at, not so much the president or what he was addressing in the State of the Union, but everyone who was watching the president.

Bash’s tweets were comments on what people were doing in the room throughout the speech, things that viewers at home watching the State of the Union on TV wouldn’t be able to see.

“First applause line dem ldr reid didn’t clap for: a promise to veto bills w/ earmarks. But mccain, behind him, jumped up enthusiastically,” Bash tweeted.

When I fist started following her I was disappointed that she didn’t comment more on the content of President Obama’s speech, however as the speech went on I appreciated that she was tweeting about things I couldn’t see for myself.  I could listen to the content myself, but I couldn’t always see what was going on with everyone else in the room.

“Funny to watch from above which members follow along w/ written text, which they have, and which just look up and listen,” Bash tweeted.

Though it wasn’t what I expected when I fist started following her tweets, they ultimately enhanced my experience by giving me a behind the scenes look at the State of the Union.

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