Tweeter teases SOTU followers back to internal web pages

First Fishman tweets a leak. In 64 characters Rob Fishman (@rbfishman), social media editor for the Huffington Post, leads his Twitter following to the raw text of Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address–more than an hour before the president makes his way through it himself.
Eighty rounds of applause later, Fishman’s tweets are a list of one-sentence grabs for fellow tweeters attention and clicks back to the HuffPo pages.

• “Republicans rebut Obama’s speech before #SOTU even begins,” tweets Fishman, enticing his audience to the HuffPo’s live blog.

• “WATCH LIVE: Obama’s State Of The Union Address #SOTU,” is on his paper’s politics page.

• “What got left out of tonight’s #SOTU? @ArthurDelaneyHP and @zachdcarter fill in the blanks,” he posts, linking another HuffPo story to his tweet.

• “HuffPostEnt The King’s Speech vs. The President’s Speech: how does Firth stack up against Obama?,” he sites another reference to an internal story.

Using his tweet tool to reroute readers back to his own web pages, Fishman boosts traffic and browsing time to ratchet cyber prominence for his online paper. Rbfishman is a journalist who knows Twitter can be a clever marketing medium for those who know how to work the system: @reader, click here!

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