State of the Union Address

I reviewed @USABreakingNews’ coverage of the State of the Union Address. USA Breaking News uses this twitter account to disseminate breaking news in the United States and around the globe to their followers and other twitter users. USA Breaking News uses thousands of news outlets and media sources to gather news for their tweets.

Since I am not an avid tweeter and am fairly new to the tweeting world, it was difficult for me to find a news outlet who was tweeting about the speech.  Using the Mashable website, I ended up choosing USA Breaking News because they were one of the few news outlets who had more than one tweet about the State of the Union Address. However, most of the news outlets had live updates on their website and had a link to their site in one of their tweets.

USA Breaking News tweeted quotes from President Obama’s speech that were meaningful and gave the jist of his plans for the year. I think this was much more helpful than seeing the entire speech transcript. However, since the tweets were direct quotes, they did not provide information that would help me better understand the speech. USA Breaking News also tweeted the Republican response to the speech from Paul Ryan and the Tea Party response to the speech from Michele Bachmann. Some of those included direct quotes while others were summarizing their responses.

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