Obama’s State of the Union Address as Viewed Via BBC’s Twitter

I decided to follow, or try to follow, the BBC’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.  A search on Twitter for an original tweet from a BBC reporter failed, so I searched BBC’s website and found a list of posts, tweets and non-tweets, in a timeline style on a page dedicated to State of the Union coverage.  I then followed a link to tweets from ErinMcPike, one of the BBC reporter who covered the event.

McPike’s tweets provided an insider’s perspective that I couldn’t see as a viewer at home, such as the representative’s and guest’s reactions to Obama’s address.  One of my favorites is the tweet I pasted below, a reflection of the hurdles Obama will undoubtedly have in implementing the ideas he brought fourth in his address.

ErinMcPike Erin McPike
Someone in the back of the chamber had something to say in response to oil companies are doing fine on their own #SOTU
McPike’s decision to tweet audience reactions, as opposed to simply re-stating key points of Obama’s address, really uses the strengths of Twitter and adds to live coverage of the address.  While a more detailed online blog or commentator’s coverage can analyze the content of the address, tweets like McPike’s can gauge the audience’s perspective quickly and can be read while listening to the address.

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