Twitter assignment

Set up a Twitter account if you have not already.

A site like TweetDeck has a download that may come in handy for this and other exercises.

Please take a minute to read Darren Rovell’s article about Twitter.

Your assignment, due by Noon on Thursday, Jan. 27, is a 200-300 word post on the class blog reviewing how one person or agency covered the State of the Union address using Twitter on Tuesday night. It is not necessary to cover it live, but please record the address or at least find a transcript online.

One location to find lists of journalists who cover certain topics is Mashable.

Please include the subject’s Twitter handle (@example), a short explanation of who the person is (what organization he or she works for) and analyze whether you think the Twitter feed was just a regurgitation of the address or helped you better understand the address as it was being given. Please be sure to quote especially pithy or useful tweets.

After you have made your post, please send an email to dfriedel at to let me know.

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